AKDY 787392B 52″ Shower Panel Review

Luxury shower panel systems like the AKDY 787392B used to be reserved for the rich, but are now becoming more and more commonplace.

Featuring eight horizontal massage nozzles that spew a torrent of pulsating water, a massive rain shower head, a handheld shower head and a tub spout you’ll never be short on options. It’s made from solid aluminum to give it a high-quality, sturdy feel and the front is made from tempered glass, adding to it’s already contemporary style. And the best part is the LED digital display that keeps track of the temperature so you can have a perfect shower every time.

If you’ve never used a shower panel before, you haven’t fully lived. The AKDY 787392B is a great place to start.



  • 8 horizontal massage nozzles w/ 2 settings
  • Stunning contemporary design
  • Made from tempered glass
  • Digital temperature display
  • Impressive rain shower head
  • Handheld shower head with 4 settings
  • Tub spout for baths


  • No instruction booklet so installation is tricky
  • Cost
  • Only 1 year warranty

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What’s Good?

8 horizontal massage nozzles w/ 2 settings

You’ll be stunned at how amazing the AKDY 787392B shower panel feels when you turn on the eight torrential nozzles. It’s like opening up a fire hydrant on a hot summer day, only with soothingly warm water, and in the privacy of your own bathroom. The nozzles have two settings – mist and pulsating. If you need to unwind and collect your thoughts, the mist in a great option. Or if you prefer a more powerful spray to help get the kinks out your body after a hard workout, you’ll love the pulse setting. All eight work at the same time for a unprecedented feeling.

Stunning contemporary design

With its rigid aluminum construction and tempered glass front, this shower panel is sure to become the centrepiece of your bathroom.. The front is mirrored enough to see your reflection which is great if you shave in the shower or just want to see if you got that bit of spaghetti sauce off your cheek. All of the knobs and nozzles are decked out with a beautiful chrome finish for added style. The rain shower head is edged with glass to give this panel a uniform look from top to bottom. The stunningly modern look allows this shower panel to make itself right at home no matter your bathroom style.

Digital temperature display

When you use the digital display for the first time you’ll immediately wonder how you lived without one for so long. Besides adding a futuristic look to an already modern panel the display is a useful addition.

How many times have you been rudely surprised by a cold spray that didn’t heat up in time before you jumped in? Or been scalded because you turned the knob a little too far?

It accurately displays the temperature on the LED screen to ensure you never experience shower shock again.

Impressive rain shower head

In addition to the eight horizontal nozzles you also have the choice to use the body-soaking rain shower head. If you’ve never tried a rain shower head you need to change that immediately. It will transform your boring shower routine into an experience meant for royalty. It’s not too forceful but it’s meant to mimic a tropical monsoon – from the safety of your bathroom of course. The water gets to the shower head and then is evenly dispersed through 100 jets. Gravity then takes over and lets the water drop like a hard summer rain. It’s a luxurious feeling.

But it not only feels great, nothing even comes close in terms of style. It looks like a thick, square piece of glass, infused with an LED light that somehow pours water down upon you. It’s an amazing piece of shower technology.

AKDY 787392B shower panel

Handheld shower head with 4 settings

As with all shower panels, the AKDY 787392B comes with a hand held shower head. But instead of just adding it in as an afterthought, AKDY does it better than any other panel by having four distinct spray settings so you’ll never be at a loss for lack of choice. And for an added bit of style, the handheld device has an LED light that matched with the rainfall head.

AKDY 787392B shower panel

Tub spout for baths

For those days when you just want to soak in the tub without all the fancy gadgets you can use the old fashion tub spout. The polished chrome plate and modern design, mesh perfectly with the rest of the panel.

AKDY 787392B shower panel

Easy to switch between settings

In case you were wondering how you’re suppose to change from all the different nozzles and spouts it’s as simple as turning a knob. All of the settings are clearly marked so you know which one to turn it to. Also just to make it clear, you can only use one of the settings at a time. You can use all eight nozzles or the rain shower head or the handheld device or the spout, but not all at once. This ensures consistent water pressure throughout.

What’s not so good?

No instruction booklet so installation is tricky

Unfortunately for some reason AKDY doesn’t include an instruction manual with the shower panel. Installation isn’t as straightforward as a typical shower head so you might have some trouble installing it yourself. It’s also not rocket science so with time and patience you might be able to set it up. If not, you’ll have to call a plumber. They’ll have it installed in less than an hour.


Shower panels are naturally expensive. You’re getting a dual shower head plus eight massage nozzles plus a tub spout. It’s an all-in-one luxury system, so you’re going to pay a bit more. There are some cheaper ones out there but you get what you pay for.

Only 1 year warranty

AKDY is one of the top brands when it comes to shower panels but their warranty is lacking. If something breaks after 1 year you’re out of luck.

The Verdict

The AKDY 787392B is a marvel of shower panel technology.

From the dazzling aesthetic of its midnight black finish to its over-the-top functionality this shower panel is something everyone should get to try at least once. The eight nozzles are a unique experience that you wont soon forget while the rain shower head is as good as any of the ultra luxury models out there. Installation can be a bit difficult but once its up, you’ll never go back to a regular shower again.

If you want to shower complete luxury the AKDY 787392B shower panel is the way to go.


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