Hydroluxe 24 Setting 3 Way Shower Head Combo Review

Want the best of both worlds? The choice is yours with the Hydroluxe 24 setting 3 way shower head combo.

Enjoy the luxury of the powerful fixed shower head or the convenience of the easy-to-use handheld wand or – if you want the ultimate shower experience – both simultaneously. With 24 combined settings to choose from you’ll have a hard time deciding which one is your favorite. In addition, the polished chrome finish will match any bathroom style – from sleek minimalist to dignified classic. And to top it off, the price is more than reasonable for the features it offers.

If you’re on a budget but still want the luxury of a dual shower head, the Hydroluxe 24 setting 3 way shower head combo is the way to go.



  • 24 combined settings
  • Stylish chrome finish
  • 5-ft. flexible stainless steel hose
  • Rub-clean jets makes it easy to clean
  • Overhead bracket can be adjusted to the perfect angle
  • Flow limiter can be removed
  • Installation is surprisingly easy


  • Made of plastic which feels kind of cheap
  • Holster doesn’t always hold the handheld device
  • Some people have said it leaks

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What’s Good?

24 combined settings

The Hydroluxe 24 setting 3 way shower head combo has 5 full settings to ensure you get the most out of your shower experience. Choose from wide rain, power massage, stay-warm mist, eco rain, and – if you want to save a bit of water while you lather up – pause mode.

But it says 24 functions, that’s only 5!

I was confused about that at first too but here it is. The 24 functions come from all the settings combined. So you can make the handheld wand a mix between wide rain and power massage while having the fixed shower head a mix between stay-warm mist and eco rain. Or you can channel the spray to just the handheld device or just the fixed head. This gives you a huge variety of different sprays to try out and experience. It might take some time to find your perfect settings, but when you do, this dual shower head combo is unprecedented.

Hydroluxe 24 setting 3 way shower head combo

Stylish chrome finish

The elegant chrome finish is nothing new but it makes for a stunning shower head. The polished chrome adds a touch of modernity to an otherwise dull-looking bathroom. Or if you have a sleek contemporary bathroom style, it would be a perfect addition. It may be made of plastic but from a few feet away you can’t even tell the difference. The only downside to polished chrome is that it makes watermarks more visible (go figure.) But that’s easily fixed with the wipe of a cloth every now and then.

5-ft. flexible stainless steel hose

The flexible 5 foot hose allows you to move around with complete freedom and gives you the ability to focus the spray exactly where you want it. Let’s say you had a hard day at work and want to massage your lower back. The fixed head won’t do the trick because it’s too high up. Take the handheld part, turn the setting to massage and you’ll be relaxed in no time. Furthermore, if you have younger kids, you can get them cleaned up quickly and without much of a fuss. It’s also great for washing pets as you’ll be able to hold them still with one hand while using the wand to wash them with the other.

Hydroluxe 24 setting 3 way shower head combo pets

Rub-clean jets makes it easy to clean

The Hydroluxe 24 setting 3 way shower head combo has a ton of nozzles but because of their rubber material it’s incredibly easy to clean. Some people advocate the vinegar method, where you soak the head in vinegar for a few hours and hope for the best. But with two heads to clean, that can be time consuming and might even dull the chrome finish. With this shower head all you need to do is wipe the rubber jets with your hand a few times and it’s clean as can be. You can do this while you’re showering so you won’t waste any time.

Overhead bracket can be adjusted to the perfect angle

You can adjust the fixed shower head to give you maximum water coverage. Typically a shower head has a ball joint in the base so you can swivel it around to whatever angle you want. But the Hydroluxe is designed differently. Because it’s a dual shower head, instead of a ball joint, it has an overhead bracket. The downside is that it limits the movement to up and down angles only but with the mobility of the handheld part it’s not really an issue. Besides, have you ever actually angled it to the left or right before?

Flow limiter can be removed

If you want an intense shower experience I recommend removing the flow limiter which restricts the flow rate to 2.5 GPM. By law every shower head has to include them but most make it incredibly easy to remove. In the handheld shower head there is a small black insert with three holes that you can slide out using a small pair of pliers or -if you don’t have any laying around – an unfolded paperclip. Just angle it on the end so you can fish it out. On the fixed shower head there is a tiny black o-ring that you can remove. Doing this will substantially increase the flow rate to give you a much more powerful shower. Instructions are included with the shower head if you need them. A word of warning though: this will increase the water flow, thus increase your water bill.

Switch between the two shower heads with ease

Choose between showering with the handheld device, the fixed shower head or – if you really want to bathe in luxury – both. The Hydroluxe 24 setting 3 way shower head combo makes it simple to switch between all three modes. Just turn the knob on the bracket and it switches between them effortlessly.

What’s not so good?

Made of plastic which feels kind of cheap

Despite the polished chrome finish looking nice and modern, holding it is a different story. As soon as you use it for the first time you’ll notice that it doesn’t have that solid feel to it that some other shower heads have. The build quality isn’t really up to par which will likely decrease its expected lifespan.

Holster doesn’t always hold the handheld device

Because of the cheap plastic material the holster that holds the hand held part could warp, making it unusable for what it’s supposed to do – hold things. But for the inexpensive price it might be worth taking the risk.

Some people have said it leaks

When reviewing these shower heads I only use them for a few days before switching to the next one so I havn’t had any issues with it leaking. But after reading some reviews on Amazon.com (which are mostly positive) some people claim that it leaks from the part where the face connects to the head, lowering the water pressure and making it pretty much useless. They do offer a 10 year warranty though in case you get a defective one.

The Verdict

Overall I’m very pleased with the Hydroluxe 24 setting 3 way shower head combo. The 5 main settings can be combined for a total of 24 – hence the name. And using both the fixed shower head and the hand held wand in unison is a true delight. The 5 foot hose is flexible enough to reach anywhere in the shower makes it ideal for those with mobility issues, kids and even pets. Additionally, cleaning is as simple as a rub of the hand and can be done within seconds.

If you’ve never experienced a dual shower head before, I suggest trying the Hydroluxe 24 setting 3 way shower head combo. You’ll be in for a treat.

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